• Build Your Own Golden Mean Beehive this May

    by  • February 20, 2020 • News, Courses & Events

    Come May, as the weather gets warmer and the bees start on their dance we are offering an opportunity for you to build your own beehive.

    The dimensions of the one-room-hive are set according to the “golden mean”. It is a universal principle within all forming forces in nature and is found in art, architecture and ancient philosophy. It’s also called the “divine proportion”.

    The Golden Mean Beehive has been developed to make working with them easier and healthier for the bees! The viewing window allows the bee-keeper to look inside the hive without disturbing the bees, this is a less invasive practice. The beehive gives the bees the space to build natural comb with greater depth than regular beehives.

    Over the weekend you will learn more about these hives and how to keep the bees. As well as building your own hive to take away. Bees are still swarming in May so you could have an established hive this year.

    On the Saturday evening we will also have a film screening of ‘Honeyland’ a film about a wild honey hunter.

    Please see Upcoming Events for more details.