• Learning about Mushrooms at the Red Brick Building Community Garden

    by  • July 25, 2016 • Avalon Wildflower Park, Growing Glastonbury, News, Courses & Events

    Patrick Mallery from the Upcycled Mushroom Company and Feed Bristol taught a one-day mushroom cultivation course this July in Glastonbury. Hosted at the Red Brick Building Community Garden, the course explored the basics of mushroom growing. Folks learned how to inoculate mushroom logs and build mushroom beds. We hope that there can be some mushroom production at the Red Brick Building Community Garden and Avalon Wildflower Park – please join us at our regular gardening clubs to help make this happen!

    We will be hosting a three-day comprehensive mushroom identification and cultivation in November. If you’re interested please email Nicole at eat@feedavalon.org.uk

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