• EAT Project

    About the EAT Project

    EAT LogoThe EAT Project is Feed Avalon’s Education and Training in Food System skills popular education initiative.

    We organise courses, workshops, skill-shares and events to support all of us gain the skills to reclaim our food system.

    We organise community-based learning to support local communities in Glastonbury and Street to gain the skills, confidence and opportunities to engage in the production, distribution and consumption of local food that is healthier, more sustainable and rooted in social justice.

    Our courses are participatory, practical and political in nature. We are working for social change and always aim to link practical skills with the bigger picture. We aim to organise educational opportunities that are accessible.

    Somerset Skills and Learning kindly fund a number of courses and opportunities. We also organise private paying courses as a cooperative to help generate a surplus income that we can re-invest in our grassroots work.

    The EAT Project is coordinated by Nicole Vosper. We regularly work with external tutors, if you are interested in facilitating a course or workshop for us, please get in touch. For any course inquiries or project information please email julia@feedavalon.org.uk

    Financial Support Available

    Feed Avalon intentionally designs courses so that we are able to afford to give people free and subsidised places. We have a policy that no one is turned away for lack of funds.

    We do not define what ‘low income’ means. However, this may include individuals receiving state benefits such as Universal Credit, Disability Living Allowance and so forth. Low income can also mean low income earners – who are folks that work full-time but are on minimum or low wages. We also recognise that even those with an okay salary may have high living costs due to caring responsibilities or other reasons. We recognise that some people may also be living without papers.

    Therefore, we ask you to self-define and ask for support if you need it. We operate on trust and do not ask to see documentation.

    If you would like a free place on a course, or a discounted space, please email eat@feedavalon.org.uk to book and include it in your email.

    Upcoming Courses

    Putting your garden to bed https://www.feedavalon.org.uk/events/putting-your-garden-to-bed/

    Preserving and fermenting https://www.feedavalon.org.uk/events/preserving-and-fermenting/

    Autumn Roots https://www.feedavalon.org.uk/events/autumn-roots/

    Seed Saving https://www.feedavalon.org.uk/events/seed-saving/

    Wonderbag/ haybox making https://www.feedavalon.org.uk/events/wonderbag-haybox-making/

    Vegan seasonal cooking https://www.feedavalon.org.uk/events/vegan-seasonal-cooking/

    Christmas wreath making https://www.feedavalon.org.uk/events/christmas-wreath-making/

    Past Courses

    IMG_7764_2Below are past courses that are likely to be organised again. Contact us with your potential interest & we’ll do our best to make them

    Cooking on a budget

    Eat for Health

    Preserving and Fermentation

    Working with elder-https://www.feedavalon.org.uk/events/herbal-home-remedies-working-with-elder/

    Becoming a Local Food Producer:

    Certificate in Mushroom Cultivation:

    Grow Your Own Garden Course: