• Education

    http://api.ning.com/files/8AMYaOY0KJqj045KtxVPmQN*mgZQu0QeSBff8BV*zpWuOJdY2Ro*4wpyjZttWnD86PTEhkrd2FnjHi5WKQutk8DvqglTwa5Y/ACAAOpenDay11August2012007.jpgFeed Avalon recognises that participatory, practical and political education will play a major role in transforming our food systems.

    We organise courses, workshops, field trips, practical experiences, and ongoing learning opportunities to support our community to re-skill in all areas of food production.

    We celebrate popular education, where everyone is a student and everyone is a teacher. Our teaching styles are more like facilitators – we aim to create empowering, participatory and fun learning environments.

    http://api.ning.com/files/FKY2Wfcqp3xwFmz1uSEaZ5iuv9ETQpQ6FhejJl-zn5apuSukr4f2oQsDabRDiwvrEBrCUu9Qdus1tnzVTaN1EyvmSF9abg7N/IMG_6978.JPGMembers of Feed Avalon have extensive experience in designing, organising and delivering, workshops and courses around food production. This varies from one-off, short workshops, to 6 month long courses in community horticulture, and ongoing tutor support.

    Workshops, courses & learning opportunities we can offer include:

    • Access to land
    • Agroecology
    • Communicating in groups & consensus decision making
    • Community Horticulture
    • Community Organising
    • Composting
    • Container gardening
    • Ecological design & permaculture
    • Effective outreach & organising
    • Forest Gardening
    • Food Politics
    • Food Poverty
    • Fruit Tree planting, care & pruning
    • Grassroots fundraising
    • Growing salads & vegetables
    • Growing soft fruit
    • Harvesting & storing food
    • How to start a food cooperative
    • Mapping food sheds
    • Marketing Gardening
    • Medicinal landscaping
    • Nutritional herbalism
    • Permaculture Design, including delivering full design courses & ongoing Diploma Tutoring
    • Seed sovereignty & corporate control of seeds
    • Seed Sowing & propagation
    • Social (in)justice in our food systems
    • Soil care
    • Starting a community garden
    • Starting a community orchard
    • Starting Community Supported Agriculture Projects
    • Sustaining Healthy Groups
    • Therapeutic horticulture
    • Understanding corporate control of the food system
    • What is Food Sovereignty?
    • Wild food walks

    We try to focus our education locally, but are available to travel elsewhere if needed. For work beyond our main area of focus, we value a donation towards our work so we can continue to achieve our aims locally.

    For anything education related, please email nicole@feedavalon.org.uk