• Free One Day Course: Improving Soil Health Course

    by  • December 21, 2017 • EAT Project, News, Courses & Events

    Taking place near Glastonbury, this free one-day course explores how to promote and preserve soil health in practice. Learn simple testing methods and management techniques for better soil health.

    When: 28th February 2018 9.30am – 5pm

    This course provides an introduction to the soil health principles and how they can be applied to a growing operation. We will learn simple testing methods to measure soil health and soil carbon.

    The course explores management techniques for better soil health: cover crops and crop rotations, amendments, biochar, composting and more. Using problem-based learning methods, this course will enable learners to generate solutions for their own growing sites.

    About the Tutor: Niels Corfield is a designer, educator and consultant, working to create regenerative landscapes and farms in the UK and Europe. This year he is coordinating a research trial of organic no-till cover crops across a number of sites in the UK. He has been supporting and consulting on small-medium UK farms since 2012. He is the director of Edible Cities, a successful design consultancy and plant nursery.

    How to book: Please email eat@feedavalon.org.uk