• Avalon Wildflower Park

    AWP3Avalon Wildflower Park (AWP) is a new community growing space in Glastonbury, Somerset. With land recently leased from the council, the park area sits opposite an established community garden, skate park and the Red Brick Building (a community-owned centre and arts space). The former BMX track, now overgrown, is unloved and neglected.

    What is the vision?

    Our vision is to transform it into a haven of native plants, buzzing with life. AWP will bring together young people from nearby colleges, schools and youth projects, as well as diverse older residents to create a beautiful, fun and ecologically vibrant learning and community space.

    AWP2Being so close to the Somerset levels, we are intending to highlight to the community the massive loss of wild flowers and biodiversity in this area and globally and the connected impact that this may have on us all and what we can do to change/help. We are intending to have a observational bee hive on this site so the opportunity to learn about the symbiotic relationship of bee/flowers/people could be taught. Through the development and rejuvenation of this site and the involvement of our young community we are hoping to highlight the importance of our wildflowers/wildlife and pass on skills so they feel they can make a positive change in our local area and beyond.

    How can I get involved?

    Contact Bonita the Avalon Wildflower Project Co-ordinator: bon@feedavalon.org.uk

      Avalon Wildflower Park