• EAT Project

    EAT LogoThe EAT Project is Feed Avalon’s Education and Training in Food System skills popular education initiative.

    We organise courses, workshops, skill-shares and events to support all of us gain the skills to reclaim our food system.

    We organise community-based learning to support local communities in Glastonbury and Street to gain the skills, confidence and opportunities to engage in the production, distribution and consumption of local food that is healthier, more sustainable and rooted in social justice.

    Our courses are participatory, practical and political in nature. We are working for social change and always aim to link practical skills with the bigger picture. We aim to organise educational opportunities that are accessible.

    Somerset Skills and Learning kindly fund a number of courses and opportunities. We also organise private paying courses as a cooperative to help generate a surplus income that we can re-invest in our grassroots work.

    The EAT Project is coordinated by Nicole Vosper. We regularly work with external tutors, if you are interested in facilitating a course or workshop for us, please get in touch. For any course enquiries or project information please email nicole@feedavalon.org.uk

    Taking place in 2016:


    • Practical Design Workshop – Avalon Wildflower Park is a new community project opposite the Red Brick Building. This practical design workshop, led by an experienced designer, will be an opportunity to aid the planning & re- design of the area while supporting people to learn new skills. | 18th January 2016 | http://www.feedavalon.org.uk/design-workshop/


    • Grow Your Own Garden – A series of workshops about how to get started in growing your own food. The course will cover how to build raised beds, compost making, seed saving and sowing, fruit tree grafting and other forms of propagation, as well as basic design and planning to make the most of your garden. | February & March 2016 | http://www.feedavalon.org.uk/grow-your-own-garden-course/



    • Planting for Pollinators - Learn which plant families are useful to pollinating insects & how to make your growing space more pollinator-friendly. This detailed course will look indepth at planting for pollinators. | 3rd March 2016 | http://www.feedavalon.org.uk/pollinators/


    • Spring Soil School – A weekend course in DIY strategies for soil care, including mycorrhizal applications, no-dig, composting, biochar, soil food web & more | Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th March 2016 | http://www.feedavalon.org.uk/soil-school-2016/


    • Pond Design & Construction Course - A one day course exploring pond design principles and practical construction. The course will take place at Avalon Wildflower Park. | Monday 4th April 2016 | http://www.feedavalon.org.uk/pond/


    • Vegan Permaculture Design Course – A 10 day course delivered in 2 x 5 day blocks, taking place outside Glastonbury at Feed Avalon’s Education Centre, Brook End. A comprehensive course introducing permaculture ethics, principles and design methods. With Graham Burnett and Nicole Vosper from Feed Avalon. | 9-13th July & 6 -10th August 2016 | http://www.feedavalon.org.uk/dates-announced-for-the-permaculture-design-course-201/


    Past Courses

    Below are past courses that are likely to be organised again. Contact us with your potential interest & we’ll do our best to make them happen:

    • Avalon Abundance Course - A series of practical workshops on harvesting, storing & preserving food | October & November 14/15
    • Fruit Tree Care & Pruning – A one day course introducing how to care for fruit trees, including practical pruning principles and techniques. | February 7th 2015
    • Nursery Course – A weekend course introducing how to start your own plant nursery, led by Neils Corfield of Edible Cities | 14th & 15th February 2015
    • Seed Saving Course – A practical course on the techniques and science of seed saving. There will also be a session on seed sovereignty & the politics of seeds. | 28th February 2015
    • Introduction to Permaculture – A weekend course introducing the ecological design science, permaculture, and its basic ethics, principles & practices. With Graham Burnett and Nicole Vosper from Feed Avalon. | 23rd & 24th May 2015
    • Community Cooking -  A short course and volunteer placement where learners learn about meal planning (for larger numbers), costings, food hygiene, reducing food waste, and different cooking techniques to make meals. Learners will gain experience in cooking at a People’s Kitchen, to create a donation-based meal for the community, celebrating their achievement. | April 2015
    • Beginners Baking – A series of workshops on how to make your own bread, pastries & more | May 2015 | Details coming shortly
    • Food Sovereignty School – A 3 day course introducing the 6 principles of food sovereignty and popular education | October 2015
    • Mushroom Identification & Cultivation – A 3 day course introducing mushroom identification and cultivation | October 2015